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The Flims - Cutting Corners

Power Duo

The Flims are a group from Belfast - Bristol - Liverpool.

"Cutting Corners" is the second single from their upcoming debut album "Trial & Error", that will be available on October 4th.

After a successful release of "Echo Falls", Their new single "Cutting Corners" features acoustic guitar as main instrument, bass guitar that is sweetly incorporated in the song, synth-flute-like sound that is played throughout the song and of course, the beautiful vocals.

The song is talking about growing up, life as children and realizations while growing up into adolescence.

To sum up - a beautiful song, and great music video.


Gary Carl - The Anvil

A Song To Remember

Gary Carl is a Singer Songwriter from Northeast PA (USA). His song "The Anvil" From the album "The Whole Nine Yards" is a beautiful ballad, features , sweet strings, pleasant piano, gentle female back vocals, and great production altogether. With Gray's powerful voice, and rememberable lyrics, this song is a one to remember.

In the album there are many different instruments and all of them sound fantastic, separately and together, creating great harmonies, melodies and general atmosphere of home. Gary’s vocals are powerful and touching, and the lyrics are great and easily relate-able.


MoonRabbitRetreat - Sound Thoughts

Musical Journey

Moon Rabbit Retreat is a music group from USA with catchy rhythms, beautiful melodies, exciting jams and jazz chords! Their song "Sound Thoughts" features sweet vocals, cool catchy played melody, powerful background vocals and much more. Check out their song and their debut EP "Watering Hole" on Bandcmap.

Instagram: MoonRabbitRetreat


Iina Kuu - Tarinoita

Third single out tomorrow!

Iina Kuu is a singer-songwriter based in Finland. Her song "Tarinoita" is one of her two released singles. It has all you need in a song in it! Trumpet section, electric guitar, piano, tight drums and on top of all of that her clear vocals.

Her third single will be out tomorrow (28/02/2020), so don't forget to check it out anywhere on her social media.


Ethan Lee - Superstar

Straight to the heart

Ethan Lee is a singer-songwriter with a very unique style. In his song "Superstar", Ethan takes us into a journey of ambiance and dance, along with pleasant piano sounds and interesting haunting harmonies, with a relaxing beat.

"Superstar" is his second release, and on 1st in March 2020 the Music Video will be released as well. Listen to "Superstar" and "A Thousand Colours" on spotify!


Benjamin Wade - As It Is (EP)

A galaxy of harmonies, melodies and extra surprises.

Benjamin Wade is a Singer-Songwriter from Florida. He released his EP "As It Is" on December 2019, and it includes great songs. Featuring tight drum beats, beautiful vocal harmonies, sweet electric guitar parts and accompaniments and acoustic pleasure to the ears.

On the song "60 Dollars" and "Rhythm" he even gives us a great rap style, straight-to-the face singing and cool lyrics.

I've just finished listening to the EP, and I enjoyed every moment of it Benjamin! Keep going with the great work! Don't wait, act now, listen to his EP on all Major platforms:


Gary Carl - The Whole Nine Yards

Country Magnificent Athmosphere

Gary Carl is a Singer Songwriter from Northeast PA (USA). He released his latest album "The Whole Nine Yards" a few weeks ago. In the album there are many different instruments and all of them sound fantastic, separately and together, creating great harmonies, melodies and general atmosphere of home. Gary's vocals are powerful and touching, and the lyrics are great and easily relate-able. My favorite country album of 2019!

So no more talking, now you gotta listen to this masterpiece!


Rich Allo - Behind The Times

Powerful voice

Rich is an artist from Jersey, Channel Islands.

His song "Behind The Times" starts with powerful distorted guitar. His powerful voice is hitting us hard in the verses, with witty and inspiring lyrics and melody and harmonies.

Rich Allu likes to drum, to busk and much more. Read his website's bio for more interesting information about him.

His album includes "Thundersun", "Brevity".. Check it on spotify!


Rolled Up Sleeves – Telephone Treacle

Perfect combination of Electric Guitar and Vocals

Rolled Up Sleeves are an Alternative/Indie Rock band from Essex UK. Their new song “ Telephone Treacle” is starting with a powerful Electric guitar intro and continues with the perfect combination of Electric guitar and vocals. The bass gives us distorted pleasure and the drums will make you jump with great fills.

Instagram: @officialrolledupsleeves


Kseniyah - Let It Fly

Musical Motivation

Kseniyah is a Singer-Songwriter from London. Her new song "Let It Fly" is about listening to your inner calling and finding your true self. The music video is very pleasant to watch, with an interesting progress of scenes. The song features sharp piano sound, rhythm strumming guitar, giant background vocals and a great vibing groove. One of the lines I really liked from the song: "Those thoughts about giving up will never help, just be yourself".

Instagram: @kseniyahmusic/


Karl Harrison - The Art Of Living

Spiritual Rock-Acoustic Journey

Karl is a Singer-Songwriter from Derbyshire Uk. He is about to release an album collection that's consisted of two parts. Part 1 is a rock album that gives you blasting drums, gigantic electric guitars parts, powerful harmonies and an upbeat pleasure. Part 2 is an acoustic album, that gives you a key to Karl's soaring vocals and unique spirit, straight into your speakers. It's a little bit less intense with instruments and if your'e looking for a little chill, this album might be the one for you. It will be released on November 1st. Listen to both albums teasers on Youtube and get a taste before the release!


Amber Leigh - Breaking

Bucket List Wish

Amber Leigh is a singer-songwriter from Georgia USA.

Her song "Breaking" featuring piano, gentle drums, sweet guitars and superb vocal performance. Touching lyrics and a line before the chorus that will melt your heart. She began writing the lyrics to her song 3 years ago and finally recorded it last summer! With help from her friend Ron, she finished the project and you can hear the results are great. Hoping to hear more of her in the future.


Ina Rose - Somebody Somewhere

Belgian Gift

Ina Rose is a singer-Songwriter from Brussels, Belgium. She released her debut single "Somebody Somewhere" only two days ago! it is a lovely song featuring country music elements with great guitars including steel guitar and moving drums. The performance is very moving and positive. In this exciting time show her some love and if you enjoyed her song follow her instagram page that is featuring great high-quality photos, great song and performances. including some christmas gifts! Listen to her song literally on ALL of the platforms! Ina, good luck with your new single and with the rest of your musical creative journey!

Instagram: @inarosemusic


Jordan Siwek - Lover and a Giver

Piano Peaceful Vibes

Jordan Siwek is a Singer-Songwriter-Pianist from New York. His song "Lover and a Giver" is a song talking about reality and about love and hope and desires. I think it's one of the best songs of 2018, Jordan with a great performance and an amazing music video that was Produced by Godfrey D. keeps us waiting for more. Jordan's Instagram page (pianojordan) is a must check high-fun-energy profile. I hope to give you more of his music in the future.


Pamela Jean - Falling

Power Emotions

Pamela wrote the song "Falling", that deals with addiction and substance abuse. It is one of the most powerful songs of the last year. From the beginning to the end you will ride a roller coaster of deep emotion and beautiful powerful vocals, just like Pamela Jean can deliver. From a sweet and powerful chorus to the flowing skilled storytelling, and the production, all sits well and gives the listener an over-earth feeling. You gotta stop what you do and listen to this song right now.


Instagram: @pamelajeanunlimited


Anca - Panic

Danish Delight

Anca (@ancamusic) is a singer-songwriter from Copenhagen Denmark. Her song "Panic" gives us an interesting modern perspective, even has a reminder of social media. at the same time the song gives you the comfort of a warm acoustic guitar and a lovely vocal performance with background vocals and with well written lyrics. We are hoping to hear more from her in the future!

Lead singer of: @basiclivesupport

Instagram: @ancamusic


Rolled Up Sleeves - Sneaking Suspicion

Alternative Bomb

Rolled Up Sleeves are an Alternative/Indie Rock band from Essex UK. Their new song "Sneaking Suspicion" features powerful vocals, Distorted guitars, bombastic drum parts, and great production overall. The song will take you to another sphere and bring you back to earth feeling re-charged when it ends. Give them a listen what are you waiting for?

Instagram: @officialrolledupsleeves


Emily Winter - I Didn't Know

Acoustic Perfection

Her Debut Single "I Didn't Know" Is an acoustic produced heart warming song, that combines powerful harmonies and has a relaxing wide feeling to it. Her voice relaxes your soul and the sweet acoustic guitar parts are perfect for any listener.

Instagram: @emilywintermusic


Gary Carl

The Man That Does It All

Gary Carl is a great Singer-Songwriter from Northeast PA (USA). He's got two great country albums out already, and now Gary works on his third album -  “The Whole Nine Yards” which will be due to be released Winter/Spring 2020. His eye catching Instagram page got me to listen to both of his country albums on my way home on a train. What are you waiting for? his great music is waiting for you! Carl, We are waiting for the third album in anticipation!
Instagram: @garycarlcountry



Laura Garau - Blade Of Glass

Italian Pizza in Berlin

Laura Garau (Low) is a singer songwriter from Berlin, originally from Sardinia Italy, started to play music when she was 11! She likes Traveling and Philosophy and she came this far with her new song "Blade of Glass". Her instagram profile is a must check, and her music video has a very intriguing plot. Link in bio.

Instagram: @low_lauragarau


Tyson Hanes - Other Than That

Nashville Delight

"Other Than That" has everything we love in a song: Powerful electric guitar solos, acoustic sweet picking, bombastic drums, Country and Rock sound altogether. Tyson is stronger than Mike Tyson and Faster than Mohammed Ali, you gotta listen to his latest single to kick some rhythm into your day.

Instagram: @tysonhanesmusic


Pamela Jean - Gemineyes

Dog Lovers Favorite

Pamela Jean is an artist that's touring with her old Toyota and I'm sure that I won't be able to find someone who wouldn't love her song "Gemineyes". The song is upbeat and her voice is sweet and powerful at the same time. The music video is a high class production with all of the things you wanna get from a music video and much more. Enjoy your listening. I did.


Instagram: @pamelajeanunlimited


Rap & Hip-Hop & More

New on Friendly Music Promotion

Emir Aliu - Choppatalk

The Fastest Thing

Emir Aliu is a young rapper ready to conquer the world. With the fast words shooting out of his mouth like a rapid train, he has something very special and unique to offer. His song "Choppatalk" is a song talking about his truth and his point of view on some interesting aspects.

Soon, Emir will release his second single.

Check his song out on YouTube


Lupatheartist - Expression (EP)

South Africa's Clear Beats

his song 21 features a great beat with reverbed piano and clear rap vocals with great effects. Short and great. Straight to the point.

His second song "Stories" is a bit faster song than "21". Again, great vocals and very delicious beat.

Check out both of his songs now on Spotify!

Also take a look at his Instagram account, he's got some good stuff over there as well. Lupa - keep making great music! Loved it. @lupatheartist


Ibro - Healed

Kingston and Sauga

Ibro is a rapper from Kindston Canada. His song "Healed" features a cool vocals mix, great beat and distorted kick.

Listen to his song on soundcloud!


G-Note - D'Boy

Hog Head Entertainment

D'Boy is a great song with great melody lines and straight to the face rap.

"G-Note continues to work on perfecting his craft and helping other artist achieve there goals and reach their full potential on their way to the next level staying grounded humble loyal and blessed for more info contact and if you like sign up for his mailing list thank you and God Bless".


Emir Aliu - Stronger

The Fastest Thing

Emir Aliu is a young rapper ready to conquer the world. With the fast words shooting out of his mouth like a rapid train, he has something very special and unique to offer. He is currently working on his album "Stronger" that will due to be released until the end of 2019.



Chevy - Pad Lock

Yoyo Beatz

Presented by Yoyo beatz production, Chevy is releasing a video clip for his song "Pad Lock". With a great Music Video you gotta check it out.

Instagram: chevy_lba


BIAZ- Same shit (Ft Sydesy)

Independent Society

With a lot of collaborations, These guys will give you some things to think about. Produced by Feniko.

Instagram: iindependentsociety


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